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Some people dream of sustainable living. We make it happen.


Amped Energy Services will focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most effective performance out of their home or business.


​Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and proven technology. There is always a solution.



Amped Energy Services offers unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools.


The design package is presented in a professional and timely matter, meeting the needs of our clients and the surrounding environment.



We at Amped Energy Services are devoted individuals, helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

We love what we do and we love to compliment our clients success.


  • Energy Evaluations

  • Thermal & Air Leakage Analysis

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Grant & Rebate Administration

  • Renewable Energy System Design, Maintenance & Troublshooting

  • Photo Voltaic/ Solar Thermal/ Wind/ Geothermal/ Micro-Hydro Feasability Analysis

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